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TS31/62(LRF)Thermal Imaging Scope


Build a Bundle
TA32 LRF Thermal Monocular_1
1 × TA32/62(LRF) Thermal Monocular
LRF (Laser Range Finder)
Laser(Red Dot)
1 × SU-LRF
1 × SA32/62(LRF)Thermal Imaging Scope
Laser(Red Dot)
LRF (Laser Range Finder)
TS3x Thermal Imaging

Long Eye-relief
for Ensured Viewing Comfort

Lens options each with 100mm of eye relief, a wide field of view, there is a rubber eyepiece to provide concealed observation at night; Keeping the user's habit of using traditional daytime optic.

800*800 IPS
Ultra-clear Display

The thermal image can be displayed on the display with the picture-in-picture (PIP) function providing a clear heat signature, greatly improve the comfort of eye observation.

TS3x Thermal Imaging
TS3x Thermal Imaging

Circular Design In The Scope

Circular display design allows for seeing a whole circle of image. With a wide field of view (FOV), centering setting of the crosshair after zeroing, helping you with a great sense of where the target is in relation to the environment.

High Sensitivity
12µm LWIR Sensor

Featuring a 384x288 pixel or 640*480 pixel resolution and 12μm vanadium oxide (vox) sensor, NETD ≤25mK and 12µm pixel pitch allows users to enjoy rich contrast and bold resolution when acquiring targets.

TS3x Thermal Imaging
TS3x Thermal Imaging

Fast Detection 1000m LRF

Targets can be detected up to 1000m away. The newly developed compact ranging module is precise and has fast detection speed. When paired with integrated ballistics, the LRF gives you the range information you need at night to hunt smarter.

Accurate Ballistic Calculator

The integrated ballistic calculator can calculate bullet trajectory parameters such as velocity, bullet weight and zero range. Improving your accuracy by calculating precise aiming points for your next shot placement.

TS3x Thermal Imaging
TS3x Thermal Imaging

Multiple Objective Lens

19/25/35/45mm optical objective lens available lens brings the hunter a wide field of view. Suitable for different hunting environments ; The smaller the field of vision, the farther you can see.

Infrared Image Enhancement Algorithm (IREA)

The TS3x uses proprietary software and next-level image enhancement algorithm to deliver high infrared spectrum sensitivity values to improve image visibility. The IREA improves the overall image by reducing image distortion, and enrich the amount of detail even of distant targets.

TS3x Thermal Imaging
Model TS31/TS31-LRF TS62/TS62-LRF
Type Uncooled VOx(vanadium oxide) Uncooled VOx(vanadium oxide)
Resolution(px) 384*288 640*480
Pixel size(µm) 12*12 12*12
NETD(mK) ≤35mK(0.035℃) ≤25mK(0.025℃)
Frame rate(Hz) 50 50
Human detection distance(m) 800/1100/1400/1700 1200/1500/1800
Vehicle detection distance(m) 1800/2200/2600/3000 2500/2900/3300
Objective Lens(mm) 19/25/35/45 25/35/45
Optical Magnification(x) 1.7/2.2/3/4 1.3/1.7/2.4
Digital Zoom(x) 2/4/6 2/4/8
Field of view (HxV) Horizontal 10.4°/7.9°/5.6°/4.4° 13.1°/9.4°/7.3°
Vertical 10.4°/7.9°/5.6°/4.4° 13.1°/9.4°/7.3°
Diagonal 14.7°/11.2°/8°/6.3° 18.5°/13.3°/10.4°
Eye Relief(mm) 100 100
Diopter Adjustment(D) -3D~+5D -3D~+5D
Resolution(px) 800*800 800*800
Reticle Style 6 6
Reticle Color 4(Red/White/Yellow/Green) 4(Red/White/Yellow/Green)
Scene Mode City/Rain/Forest City/Rain/Forest
Image mode WhiteHot/BlackHot/RedHot/Fusion1/Fusion2/IronRed1/IronRed2 WT-HOT/BK-HOT/EDGE/RD-HOT/IN-HOT/SKY
Photo / Video
Photo Resolution(px) 1536*1536 1536*1536
Photo Format .JPG .JPG
Video Resolution(px) 768*768 768*768
Video Format .mp4 .mp4
Storage(GB) TF card(128 )(Max) TF card(128)(Max)
Image Engine Pard IREA Pard IREA
Main function
LRF detection range(m) 1000 1000
Ballistic Calculator Yes Yes
PIP Yes Yes
Hot Track NO Yes
Gyroscope Yes Yes
Self-motivated recording Yes Yes
Loop Recording Yes Yes
E-compass Yes Yes
Shutter Mechanical Shutter Mechanical Shutter
Microphone Yes Yes
Firmware Upgrade Yes Yes
USB Tpye-C Yes Yes
HDMI Output Yes Yes
WiFi Yes Yes
Supported Apps PardVision PardVision
Power Supply
Battery Type Lithium Ion 18650*1 Lithium Ion 18650*1
Output Voltage(V) 3.7 3.7
Operating Time(h) ≤6 ≤6
External power supply(V) Type-C Type-C
Environmental characteristic
Degree of protection IP67 IP67
Operating Temp(°C) -20℃~50℃ -20℃~50℃
Recoil Resistance(J) 6000 6000
Housing Aluminium Alloy Aluminium Alloy
Objective Lens All-glass multi-coated lens All-glass multi-coated lens
Product Dimension(L x W x H, mm) 350*88*95(W/O Long Eyepiece)
410*88*95(W/ Long Eyepiece)
350*88*95(W/O Long Eyepiece)
410*88*95(W/ Long Eyepiece)
N.W/pcs(with/without battery, g) 680(W/O Battery);725(W/ Battery) 680(W/O Battery);725(W/ Battery)


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