Pard NV008 Series Review By Aden

Pard NV008 Series Review By Aden


Our products are widely used by hunters and outdoor enthusiasts. We are open to receive stories from some of our users and when we get such stories, we are delighted to share them with you. PARD family is privileged to have professional hunters that share their valuable feedback and vast knowledge with us. Such valuable feedback helps us to design and engineer better products for hunters and shooters.  Aden Brown from the UK is here to tell us everything about hunting and which PARD products he enjoys using the most.


Q: When did you get into hunting?

Aden: I first got into hunting as a child with my dad and started off with air rifles and shotguns. I recall my dad telling me “SON HUNTING WILL CHALLENGE YOU; HUNTING WILL TEACH YOU PATIENCE AND HUNTING IS GOING TO MOLD YOU INTO THE MAN YOU’RE GOING TO BE ONE DAY." I was fortunate enough to have my dad as my mentor who showed me the ropes. I learnt everything I know today about hunting from my dad and I had the opportunity to also hunt with him. I am so grateful I have the best role model one could ever wish for to learn about hunting. Learning is an ongoing process it never stops.

Q: How long have you been hunting?

Aden: I started hunting at a young age of about 5 years old and since then I have never stopped. As a young boy I always loved the outdoors and nature. I went to a lot of hunting camps. My dad on the other hand used to bring me along with him occasionally on his hunting trips. I’m sure he hoped I would love hunting as much as he did and it turns out I actually did. “Being close to nature always makes you appreciate it more”

Q: Do you use different devices for vermin control and hunting for fun?

 When I was young, I was only allowed to practice vermin control on rats and other small game so I got used to doing more vermin control. I do use different rifles depending on what animals I am shooting. Thinking of using a center fire rifle for ratting is a bit extreme. “haha laughing” I usually make the decision about the device I will use, depending where I am going, shooting and safety aspect.

Q: When you go hunting what's your go to device?

I chose PARD because the brand was so alluring and I’m glad I did. I had read some positive reviews on YouTube and seen their products displayed at a hunting fair that I once attended.  When buying optics, I enjoy quality rugged devices with exceptional accuracy. Whether its hunting or outdoor long-range shooting, PARD is the clear choice for me.

My go to device at the moment for ratting is my Fx Impact Mk2 with a PARD NV008 lrf. Due to being able to start early and as soon as that light fades away, it’s convenient to have an easy switch button I can go into night vision and refocus and carry on!

For rabbits I again use my other Fx Impact Mk2 running the new PARD NV008s lrf which is a surrealpart of equipment.  With one shot zero and ballistic drop you can use the laser range finder to get the distance and press it again to see how much the pellet (slug) will drop and where to adjust the cross hairs. It’s easy to set up the weights and ftlb also the fps and the computer works everything out once you entered the zeroed distance. Trust me it works!!

When I’m camping with my friends and family, I mostly use the TA32/62 thermal monocular.  Its good to know when you hear something creeping in the woods you can easily see what it is by using the TA. The TA32/62 is a cool device to show off to my friends, it’s thermal always amazes my friends and family.

Q: Would you describe hunting as a lifestyle?

I would describe hunting as both a passion and a lifestyle. I am out hunting or on vermin control every weekend. Sometimes 4 nights a week if time permits.  Each hunt is a story and a new experience on its own. There are so many memories to made whilst outdoors and you can only appreciate these special moments if you have a passion for hunting. Hunting helps me physically and mentally, every time I’m out in the wild I always learn something new.

Q: What PARD devices are your favorite and why?

I have 3 pard products, NV007, NV008lrf, and the NV008slrf… they all serve a purpose and do their job fantastically. They are all quality products, intuitive, top-quality image, no lagging or pixelated images at all. You pay for the quality and they last! But getting back to your question if I would choose 1 product then I would definitely pick the NV008slrf.

The NV008slrf has a multitude of features that I like to explore. In my own opinion, day and night vision capabilities are what makes the NV008s a great choice for any hunter. The device has daytime clarity and night time visibility which is second to none, but it doesn’t just stop there. It has high-quality optics, high-quality image sensor multiple reticle options and a long-range finder. When paired with PARD's night vision technology, it becomes even easier to shoot in low light situations or target practice at dusk or dawn. The NV008s has a self-activated recording feature. This night vision scope will record video automatically when triggered by the recoil and after recording, it can be played back instantly. The NV008s is what I call "A truly Versatile Day & Night Vision Scope."


Q: Are there some hunting tips you would like to share?

Deciding to get into hunting can be quite difficult especially when considering the type of gear, you need and learning how to hunt. When starting out, I would suggest you find a mentor someone who will teach you the basics, the terminology used and regulations depending on where you are located. There is a lot of gear available nowadays compared to back in the days when I was a boy and choosing gear that suits your needs can be quite overwhelming. Thanks to technology, there are tools that are available now that help you to plan, navigate, and share your outdoor adventures. Additionally, do not make the mistake of buying expensive gear because you think the more expensive it is the better it is. However, you need to do extensive research, get yourself gear that doesn’t break the bank but meets your hunting needs.

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