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        DS35(LRF) Day&Night
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        Thermal Monocular
        Thermal Monocular
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        Thermal Imaging Scope
        Thermal Imaging Scope
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        NV008S(LRF) Day&Night
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        NV007V Clip-on
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        Night Vision Scope
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        Night Vision Scope
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        Night Vision Scope
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      • SA32 Thermal Scope product image
        Thermal Imaging Scope
        Thermal Imaging Scope
        Thermal Imaging Scope
        Thermal Imaging Scope
        TA32 product image
        Thermal Monocular
        Thermal Monocular
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      • FT34(LRF)
        Thermal Imaging Clip-on
        Thermal Imaging Clip-on
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        Multi-spectral Riflescope
        Multi-spectral Scope
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Thermal Monocular

Hunt Smarter with 1200yds Rangefinder

 The newly developed compact ranging module is precise and has fast detection speed.
The LRF gives you the range information you need to accurately spot game at distances up to 1200 yards.

Small Enough to Pocket

TA32/62-LRF series are very versatile and can be used in a wide range of scenarios. The device is lightweight, handheld, pocket size and allows you to get personal with your surroundings for unique wildlife encounters. It’s also easy to carry and fits comfortably in the palm of your hands.

Extremely Sensitive Sensor

12μm thermal imaging sensor can detect subtle differences in temperature and present perfect image detail in low thermal contrast conditions like rain and fog. The image sensor is designed with advanced technology to deliver organic and rich imaging despite adverse weather.

Infrared Image Enhancement Algorithm (IREA)

The PARD ultra-clear image algorithm has fast processing speed and strong real-time image adaptability. IREA can effectively improve image detail by correcting image distortion, reducing noise and enhancing contrast.

TA-LRF without IREA
Without IREA

3 Scenes Mode

Featuring a quick switch function to choose between 3 scene modes (city/forest/rain). The image will be adjusted according to the selected scene mode offering exceptional adaptability in different environments

Multiple Color Palettes

TA32/62(LRF) series are featuring multiple color palettes.You can choose any color palette to perfectly highlight a target. The user can select the appropriate color palette according to different environmental backgrounds during different weather changes.


TA32/TA62/TA62-LRF: WhiteHot/BlackHot/RedHot /IronHot/Sky/Edge


TA32-LRF: WhiteHot/BlackHot/RedHot/Fusion1 /Fusion2/IronRed1/IronRed2

Mute Button

The buttons were designed in soft silicone material to minimize sound to zero, offering a clear advantage during spotting. Observe animals in stealth mode and never have to worry about disturbing prey when you press buttons.

TA-LRF mute button

Optional Lens and Magnification

To suit user’s needs 19/25/35mm multi-focal length optional lens available. The small lens brings a wide field of view and the large lens helps you to identify various targets. You can view magnified HD footage without distortion using the 8x digital zoom and 2x PIP zoom.

TA-LRF optional lens and magnification

IP67 Waterproof

Prepared for any outdoor adventure and extreme weather conditions. The TA32/62-LRF has an IP67 waterproof rating, ensuring that it performs flawlessly in a variety of outdoor harsh environments such as wet and moist weather.

More Features

features photos videos icon

Photo & Video Recording

Capture photos and record videos whilst on the hunting field. Featuring a 1024*768 OLED HD display. Images are smoother and have more detail. You can take photos and videos, anytime and anywhere. Capture the thrilling moments of your hunting trip.

features wifi icon


Built-in WiFi allows you to connect to your phone, or tablet as an external viewfinder, and you can transfer images and videos instantly on the go.

18650 Lithium Battery

The device is powered by a 18650 battery. Replaceable batteries are inexpensive and widely available.

features firmware upgrade icon

TF card Firmware Upgrade

Firmware updates have become more intuitive, easier and convenient to ensure unmatched performance of your device. You can automatically update the firmware using the TF card at home there is no need to return the device for any firmware updates.

features tripod thread connection icon

Tripod Thread Mount

The device can be mounted on a tripod or attached to smartphone holder, for more stable observations.

features usb-type-c icon

USB type C

You can charge the device via USB Type C using a power bank, whilst outdoors.


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