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The founder of PARD, Max Wang, as a researcher in the field of optoelectronics and an experienced outdoor hunting enthusiast, has been engaged in the development of optoelectronic devices since 2010, and formally established Shenzhen PARD Technology Co., LTD in 2017. After more than a decade of growth, Mr Wang has managed to lead PARD to its greatest triumphs. Mr Wang’s innovative spirit has driven PARD from being a team made up of a few dream chasers at the beginning, to establishing a large-scale company and paving new ways to unchartered success. 
In a relentless pursuit to provide excellent service, PARD has grown into a professional manufacturer of night vision and thermal imaging devices .

Our Mission 

Our mission is to be the leader in the field of global night vision and thermal imaging by providing innovative night vision and thermal vision devices for hunters, shooters, outdoor enthusiasts and security personnel.
We want our customers to be able to use the latest technology in their work, whether that's hunting, shooting, security or night patrol.

Our Vision

Our vision is to determined to become a high-tech enterprise respected by customers.  We envision a win-win relationship, where we continue to provide our customers with sustainable, high-quality products through continuous innovation and we continue to grow as a brand.


Dedicated to the research of opto-electronic products, Mr. Wang was determined to provide high-quality civilian night vision and thermal imaging devices for outdoor sports enthusiasts.


The first thermal imaging product was launched in 2013 and favored by hunters and outdoor sports enthusiasts. The first night vision device was released in 2015 and became one of the most popular night vision device on the global market.


Official trademark "PARD" was registered in 2017. The first night vision clip-on NV007 was released in 2018 and Annual sales exceeded 100,000 units. PARD Hong Kong company was established in 2019.


NV008P night vision scope won the "Night Vision Product of the Year"at the Great British Shooting Awards 2021. NV007A Night Vision clip-on Won the "Night Vision Product of the Year" at the Great British Shooting Awards 2022. The European branch and the North American branch was established in succession;


"We forge ahead with innovation using cutting-edge technology leading the way for night vision and thermal imaging devices"

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