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        Night Vision Scope
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Clip-on Night Vision Scope

Quick Attach and Detach

nv007s quick detach and attach

1920 * 1080 CMOS Image Sensor

nv007s image sensor feature

Featuring a ultra compact design, with a overall length of only 96mm. The NV007SP can fit right into your pocket and is very easy to carry.

Shorter Body Length
Compact design

nv007s size

Ergonomic design with lightweight body makes your cheek more relaxed and comfortable during shooting, no need to adjust shooting postures and using habits.

350 IR Torch Distance

Three-level IR torch Illumination to meet needs in various occasions, easy to detect large or small targets.

Eyepiece Adjustment

By adjusting the eyepiece, the NV007S enables to get clear images without glasses just rotating eyepiece wheel, meeting all kinds of people’s needs.

Self-activated Recording

When the device detects recoil, the whole shooting process will be recorded effortlessly in 20 seconds intervals and saved on the TF card.

Mute Button

The buttons were designed in soft silicone material to minimize sound to zero, offering a clear advantage for any outdoor activity.

Optical Magnification

nv007s optical magnification

Utilising your scopes optical magnification to experience HD images without distortion. Optically zoom up to 14x to improve the detail and aiming precision.

More Features

features hdmi icon

HDMI Output

The HDMI digital interface receives image signals from the device without loss.

600j recoil resistance icon-2

6000J Recoil Resistance

The NV007S is recoil proof up to 6000j and is suitable to withstand the recoil of high caliber rifles with stable and precise shooting experience.

features photos videos icon

Take Photos/Videos

Capture and record thrilling moments whilst hunting and share high resolution pictures and videos with your friends.

features wifi icon


Built in WiFi allows you to connect to your phone, PC or tablet as an external viewfinder and you can transfer images and videos instantly on the go.

features firmware upgrade icon

TF card Firmware Upgrade

Firmware updates have become more intuitive, easier and convenient to ensure unmatched performance of your device. You can automatically update the firmware using the TF card at home.

18650 Lithium Rechargeable Battery and USB type C

The battery lasts up to 8 hours depending on usage. The device can be charged via USB Type-C via a power bank, more convenient to charge and to use.

features optional adapter icon

Optional Adapter

45mm | 48mm
Accurately match the installation size requirements of different scopes.

IP67 Waterproof

Even in extreme weather condition for outdoor hunting activity, the NV007S still performs very well.


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