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        Thermal Imaging Scope
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      • SA32 Thermal Scope product image
        Thermal Imaging Scope
        Thermal Imaging Scope
        Thermal Monocular
        Thermal Monocular
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Thermal Imaging Scope

Compact, Lightweight & Feature Rich

Easy carrying for hunting, best fitting for different rifles.

sa32 compact lightweight-feature-rich

Ballistic Calculator

The integrated ballistic calculator can precisely calculate your bullets trajectory and give you a precise aiming point. Enabling you to accurately place your shot.

1200M Rangefinder

At night it’s hard to judge distances, with the LRF you can know the range and combined with the integrated ballistics the LRF allows you to hunt smarter.

6 Reticle Options 4 Colors

With 6 reticle options and 4 colors you can personalize the reticle to what suits you. With up to 5 profiles, you can personalize your aiming points, ammunition or even different rifles.

 12μm NETD≦25mK

Thermal Imaging Sensor

Infrared Image Enhancement
Algorithm (IREA)

Self-activated Recording

Intelligent Recording. Record thrilling moments

When the device detects recoil, the whole shooting process will be recorded in 20 second intervals. The incremental 20-second video footage will be saved on the TF card.

Multi-focal Optional Lens

With 4 different lens sizes you choose the model that suits your needs. The small 19mm gives the widest Field of View right up to the more magnified 45mm for better identification of targets in the distance.


The 100 lumen flashlight integrated into the device acts as an auxiliary lighting option, helping to illuminate surroundings when walking at night.

6000J Recoil Resistance

The SA32/62 are recoil proof up to 6000J Muzzle Energy.

3 Scene Modes

Featuring a quick switch function to choose between 3 scene modes (city/forest/rain). The image will be adjusted according to the selected scene mode offering exceptional adaptability in different environments.

More Features

features wifi icon


Built in Wi-Fi allows you to connect your phone, PC or tablet as an external viewfinder and you can transfer images and videos instantly on the go.

PIP Mode

The top center of the display can show a 2x magnified picture to improve aiming visibility, allowing you to see magnified target details without losing the field of view.

Stealth Mode

Hunt in stealth mode and shoot in total silence. You no longer disturb any animals when you press PARD buttons.

6 Color Palettes

White hot / black hot / red hot / iron hot / edge / sky mode. The user can select the appropriate color palette to adapt to different environments.

features photos videos icon

Video Recording

Capture and record thrilling moments of your hunting trip and share high resolution images of your outdoor adventures on social media.

IP67 Waterproof

IP67 offers a strong protection even in various severe outdoor environment such as wet and moist weather.

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