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        Night Vision Rifle Scope
        Night Vision Rifle Scope
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        Thermal Imaging Scope
        Thermal Imaging Scope
        Thermal Imaging Scope
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        Thermal Imaging Monocular
        Thermal Imaging Monocular
        Thermal Imaging Monocular
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Day & Night Vision Rifle Scope

Ultra-Clear IPS LCD Display

The DS series scopes feature an 800×800 LTPS circular digital display that delivers high-resolution images and rich contrast. The extra wide field of view provides exceptional environmental awareness. User experience will closely resemble a traditional glass optical scope.

Innovative Image Shift Zero

Sighting your scope has never been easier. After taking your first shot, simply move the digital reticle crosshairs to the actual impact point of the projectile on the paper target and save this location in the device. The device will automatically recenter the reticle cross hairs and adjust your new center point to where it should be located for future shots. 1 shot, that’s all it takes!

Long Eye-relief

The DS incorporates 100mm eye relief to provide clear target visibility. This provide enough distance to allow for recoil and safe shooting regardless of what platform you are using. There is also a removable rubber eye cup that provides cusion and concealment of the digital diplay. 

Focus-free Lens Cap

PARD’s innovative design is based on the pinhole effect. This is an optical concept capitalizing on the theory that the smaller the pupil size, the less defocus from spherical aberrations is present. Quite simply, you do not need to refocus the lens during bright daytime use to observe targets at different distances. Just close the pinhole cap which will act as a sunshade.

Extremely Sensitive CMOS Sensor

The CMOS 0.001 low lux image sensor provides detailed, high resolution images in the lowest light situations. The DS35 offers a 2560×1440 (2K) sensor and the DS33 offers a 1920×1080 sensor to best suit individual needs.

Integrated Ballistics Calculator

The built-in ballistics calculator will accurately calculate the trajectory of the projectile and impact point, based on preprogrammed parameters. The Laser Range Finder feeds the target distance into the ballistics calulator which instantaneously moves the vertical crosshair on the reticle to a new holdover point. 

Laser Range Finder

The built in Laser Range Finder detects targets up to 1200yds away. The PARD ranging module provides lightning-fast detection speed and automatically feeds the ballistics calculator to accurately adjust your shot. 

LRF icon

1200yds (LRF)

Directional IR Light

You can unscrew the locking ring to focus the IR light to align with your target. Tighten it to hold that position for future shots. 

4 Scene Modes Available

Select from 4 individual scene modes that will help increase contrast based on environmental conditions. 

Self-activated Recording

Self-activated recording provides an ongoing 20 second loop that is saved to the onboard RAM memory of the device. When recoil is detected, the RAM video is automatically moved to the removable TF card. You never have to worry about remembering to turn the video recording on or about overwriting other footage. Never miss that special shot of a lifetime. 

Interactive Control Knob

The convenient location of the control knob allows the user to quickly and easily change between menu options and operates the ballistic calculator when in hunting mode. You can adjust and operate the DS35 with this one single knob. 

Simple User Interface (UI)

The PARD UI is simple and easy to use. All scope parameters are displayed on either side of the reticle, leaving the middle of the display clear to view the target.

ds3 night scope

IP67 Waterproof

Be prepared for any outdoor adventure and extreme weather conditions. This device is waterproof and IP67 rated, ensuring that it performs flawlessly in a variety of harsh outdoor environments such as wet and moist weather and snow for operational reliability.

Additional Features

features photos videos icon


Capture and record hunting memories. Share the high resolution digital content with friends, family and through social media.

6 Reticle Options

Personalize your individual preferences with 4 color options and 6 reticle styles. You can save 5 individual profiles to support different ammunition & different rifles.

features wifi icon


Built in WiFi allows you to connect to your phone or tablet as an external viewfinder and you can transfer images and videos instantly.

features firmware upgrade icon

Firmware Upgrade

Firmware updates have become more intuitive, easier and convenient. You can automatically update the firmware using the TF card at home.

Objective Lens

The DS is available with 2 different lens options - 50mm and 70mm. The 50mm lens has a wider field of view while the 70mm lens provides higher magnification.

features lens lever icon

Lens Lever

This innovative feature allows the user to easily locate and index the focus ring without having to look away from the display screen.

Rechargeable Battery

The DS scope uses a rechargeable 18650 lithium battery and a USB type-C cable connection for easy and convenient charging.

Recoil Resistance

The DS scope can withstand up to 6000J of force, roughly equivalent to a .308 caliber.

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