PARD to Launch into US Hunting Gear Market with Digital Night Vision Clip-On Scope

PARD (or “the Company”), a night vision and thermal imaging specialist, announced that the Company is bringing two of its most popular digital clip-on night vision systems – NV007V and NV007SP – to the North American market. Built for greater versatility, simplicity, and performance, both systems boast Wi-Fi feature allowing user to connect to a mobile device, state-of-the-art image sensors that produce sharp and high-definition nighttime, and a built-in camera enabling users to record and share videos. The two systems also feature an easy clip-on mechanism that converts users’ daytime scopes into high-end night vision devices without the need for re-zeroing in a matter of seconds.

Lightweight and equipped with two color modes for day & night vision, the NV007V is a perfect companion for demanding sports shooters and hunters who pursue extra reliability, flexibility, and outstanding image performance. Powered by an upgraded 0.001 lux image sensor that provides higher light sensitivity for night vision, the device generates clear night vision in total darkness, combined with a full HD image sensor and 1024×768 OLED display to deliver exceptional image quality with sharp contrast.


Thanks to the 350m stretchable fill light, NV007V enables users to detect small targets in the low-light environment, with the 850nm wavelength option producing a brighter vision for long-range observation and the 940nm wavelength making it easier to find concealed prays. The color mode allows for daytime shooting and black and white for nighttime use, complete with the upgraded all-glass anti-glare option lens that prevents light reflection while enhancing color reproduction to deliver richer contrast. The large-capacity battery can last for 6 hours, paired with a USB-C power input for fast charging while on the go.

NV007SP, set for early December, is PARD’s latest answer to compact nighttime hunting, equipped with sophisticated image processing and an intuitive operating concept to elevate user experience. The rear-mounted scope is quick to clip on and detach, features a 1200yds LRF for fast detection, and an extremely sensitive CMOS sensor with a 2560x1440 resolution that makes it possible for users to see fine details to precisely zero in on hard-to-find targets in the darkness. Other features onboard the device include a 1024x768 OLED display, a full-HD sensor that supports 1080P video recording and 2592x1944 photo capture, a direction-adjustable IR light, and 8 hours of battery life that can be extended via the USB-C port.


About PARD

Founded in 2017, PARD is a night vision and thermal imaging specialist who pioneers microlight night vision and infrared imaging technology to provide long-range, high-definition, and high-precision hunting gears. With a dedicated team of engineers who are experts in PARD’s entire line-up, its product categories now cover night vision and thermal scope, monocular, and accessories. PARD is committed to addressing the pain point of hunting by improving the versatility and performance of its products, delivering unmatched user experience to its customer.

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  • Jim Houston

    Trying to find the app for the WIFI option of the NV008S.

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